Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 are critical to business growth and efficiency. If you’re like many small to mid-sized businesses, you jumped into GoDaddy's Microsoft 365 solution, hoping to capitalize on its low price and promise of streamlined operations. But the reality of this light version is falling short of your expectations and your need for a more robust, scalable solution is quickly becoming apparent.

Unfortunately, migrating from GoDaddy Microsoft 365 to Microsoft’s offering is anything but easy and often involves complex and costly migration services. Luckily, there’s a lesser-known — much better — way to “get out” of GoDaddy and “get in” to Microsoft Office 365.

We’ll dig deeper into why you need to make the switch and how to do it, seamlessly and cost-effectively. We’ll cover the following:

GoDaddy vs. Microsoft Office 365

The easiest way to begin understanding the differences between GoDaddy and Microsoft Office 365 is to compare the two offerings in terms of their features.

Feature-by-feature breakdown

The hidden costs of sticking with GoDaddy

Unleashing potential vs. restricting growth

You told yourself that you don’t need all the “bells and whistles” and that GoDaddy’s basic features are just fine. It initially seemed like a cost-effective option but hidden beneath its appealing price tag are further limitations that can hinder the growth of a thriving business. A few of these limitations include:

Complicated sign-in process

Users must sign in through GoDaddy’s Office 365 UI, leading to token-based authentication issues with other Microsoft apps or services.

Frequent re-authentication

Apps such as Bing, Outlook and Office 365 often require users to repeatedly log in.

Lack of advanced security measures

There's no option for 2-step or multi-factor authentication, only a password reset, increasing vulnerability to cyber attacks and phishing.

Password reset confusion

Using the password reset option redirects users from the Office 365 dashboard to the GoDaddy portal, raising the risk of resetting the wrong password.

Inadequate tech support

GoDaddy's support is often uneducated and therefore, unable to resolve these issues efficiently, sometimes directing users to seek help from third-parties or Microsoft.

From technical glitches to restrictive features, GoDaddy’s Office 365 is a solution that often proves more costly in the long run. If you’re aiming to expand, you need a platform that can scale with you – and this is where Microsoft Office 365 shines.

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for growing businesses

It should be pretty clear by now that a move to Microsoft Office 365 just makes sense. It offers so much more than just email and office applications — it's a comprehensive ecosystem that supports advanced collaboration, robust security measures, and cloud-based flexibility. With Microsoft Office 365, your business gains the tools to compete in today’s dynamic market. So now what? Well, you’ve got options.

Option A

Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

In this scenario, you’ll engage an IT specialist to complete the migration. It’s a time-consuming, costly process that can result in lost data, downtime and ultimately, can put your business at risk.

Option B

Move seamlessly to Office 365

You’ll get a Microsoft Office 365 account that meets your business’ needs and provides full flexibility for future growth. Through a proprietary process, you’ll disconnect from GoDaddy while retaining full control of your data — all without any downtime or disruption to your business.

For small to mid-sized businesses, the decision to switch to Microsoft Office 365 is more than an IT upgrade — it’s a strategic move towards future-proofing your business. Macro Technology Group, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, not only helps free you from the constraints of GoDaddy but can help you get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 as your trusted IT partner.