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Technology touches every part of your business, powering operations and supporting customers. And it’s always evolving. You need a partner who can anticipate, advise and action the IT projects that keep your business moving forward.


IT takes skill

If IT can help you reach your business goals more quickly and efficiently, it’s worth the investment. We can help you assess the viability of a project, make a plan and execute — all without disrupting your business. Trust Macro Technology Group to manage​​ the entire process, from start to finish.


Our clients trust us to deliver

... because their satisfaction is our victory!

Planning for project success

Your Wi-Fi needs a major boost.

You’re considering a migration to Microsoft.

It’s time to scale your IT infrastructure.

Your go-to partner for IT project management

Simple or complex. Minor or mission-critical. One week or one year. Whatever the size and scope of your IT project, we approach it with a proven methodology, experienced team and the accountability you want in a project management partner.

Why trust your IT projects to Macro Technology Group?

Avoid scope creep

It’s easy to get carried away. We keep everyone focused on the plan.

Keep budgets in check

Inefficiencies and hidden costs can add up. We’re on top of it.

Meet Deadlines

Things happen. Our timelines account for them so we stay on schedule.

Test, test and retest

There’s a lot riding on your tech. We make sure it works.

Know where things stand

Communication is key. We keep you in the loop, and in charge.

Manage expectations & change

It’s not always smooth sailing. We manage the bumps and the team.

Our Technology Partners

IT’s all about taking the right steps

Managing an IT project requires a specialized skill set and a partner who’s aware of the challenges and has systems in place to overcome them. We go all-in.



We Identify the project’s goals, scope, and potential constraints, helping to establish the project's value and feasibility. From there, you can secure initial approval and funding.



It’s time to develop a detailed project plan that outlines the schedule, resources, budget, and deliverables. We’ll establish the project team, roles and responsibilities and identify risks.



We create detailed designs and specs for project deliverables, from high-level design to detailed components. This may include prototyping or proof-of-concept work.



Now to action deliverables, like coding or configuration. We test regularly and revise based on feedback and testing results. Iterative development processes like Agile may be used.



Serious and systemic testing begins to find and fix defects.This can include integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing — ensure the project meets all specifications.



We’re ready to deploy into the production environment. This may involve training, migrating data, and integrating with existing systems. We finalize documentation and go LIVE.



Deliverables are signed off by stakeholders and we conduct a post-implementation review to capture lessons learned. We release project resources and formally close out the project.


Maintain and support

We’re here for you with ongoing maintenance and support for deliverables. Updates, patches, and troubleshooting are part of the package for as long as you need us.

Macro Technology Group — The IT factor in your business

We love technology but we always put people first. It’s one of the reasons we have such great, long standing relationships with our clients. They know we’re “always on” — whether it’s resolving a bug, implementing safeguards against a new threat or migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Based in the USA, our highly trained team is trusted to run IT operations for some of the most sophisticated companies in the nation. And we do it with dedication and passion.


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