Data Backup & Recovery

Your data needs a solid backup plan.

Data loss or damage can be devastating. It can take years for your business to recover and the costs can be crippling. That’s why it’s critical to have both back up and “in case of emergency” procedures in place to restore your data, fast.


The cloud only goes so far.

We go further.

Just because your data is in the cloud, doesn’t mean it’s immune to natural disasters, breaches or human error. And adding an external hard drive isn’t enough. Macro Technology Group follows the 3-2-1 rule: 3 copies of data, 2 different media types for storage and 1 copy offsite. It’s the foundation for data protection that’s designed to quickly restore data and minimize downtime.


We give our clients peace of mind.

… and they know our names!

Our Technology Partners

Prepare for the worst.

Expect the best.

A comprehensive backup and recovery strategy will protect any data that’s considered valuable and critical to your business operations — from personal identifiable information and proprietary business intelligence to emails, website content and system data. We customize our solutions to safeguard what matters most.



to ensure business continuity

Disaster Recovery Planning

Design and implement robust disaster recovery plans to quickly restore operations in the event of a catastrophic data loss event or vendor outage.


to minimize risk

Scheduled Data Backups

Safeguard against data loss due to hardware failure, cyber attacks or accidental deletions.


Add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to data.


to avoid disruptions

Remote Monitoring

Ensure your backups are working properly by running regular tests.

Continuous Data Protection

Provide real-time data replication, ensuring minimal data loss during a disruption.


to reduce downtime

Automatic Backups

Remove the need for manual intervention. Modify your storage capacity as you scale.

Data Archiving

Secure historical data for compliance and regulatory purposes, freeing up primary storage space.

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We love technology but we always put people first. It’s one of the reasons we have such great, long standing relationships with our clients. They know we’re “always on” — whether it’s resolving a bug, implementing safeguards against a new threat or migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Based in the USA, our highly trained team is trusted to run IT operations for some of the most sophisticated companies in the nation. And we do it with dedication and passion.


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