IT Consulting

Most small and medium-sized business don’t have the budget for a Chief Information Officer (CIO). However, they may find that some of the areas a CIO would handle are falling by the wayside.

A CIO and their employees are responsible for all areas of IT, from warranty management and software license renewals to strategic planning and budgeting. We’re able to offer these services to you for a fraction of the cost.

During our onboarding process, we create and maintain a document that includes all of your applications and how they are configured, including licenses, warranties, and expirations. You won’t have to worry about finding out whether you need to renew the warranty on a piece of hardware anymore or if it should be replaced because it’s reached its end of life.

Many software vendors bill for their support on a yearly basis. Maintaining an active support contract for business-critical applications is important to ensure that you are able to receive applicable software updates that may fix general application bugs or security issues. Our IT consulting services are a way to offload that from your existing staff and when you’re up for renewal, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Not sure how much you should allocate to your IT budget next year, or even over the next few years? We can help with that. We will work closely with you to perform an analysis of the hardware and software that runs your business and create a strategic plan to make sure all of your hardware and software is always supported by their vendors. Lastly, we provide recommendations on how IT solutions can provide your business with a competitive advantage over your competition.